Neil Brand Presents Laurel & Hardy

The Silent Pianist Speaks

Neil Brand ticks all the boxes & is literally a “one man band” as he combines the movies (silent) with his original music & the complete theatrical experience of a night out of “live theatre”. 

For forty years he has brought the best of silent cinema to live audiences who have not experienced its power and massive entertainment value. With his winning personality and jaw-dropping abilities as a pianist he highlights the brilliance of two great vaudeville and music hall stars who became the world's greatest double-act. In Neil's live piano accompaniment they find the perfect soundtrack to their on-screen antics with every moment, gag, fall and stunt matched perfectly with pinpoint precision.

Neil, as “master of ceremonies”, takes the audience on a wonderful journey of nostalgia & laughter, combined with amazing details & insight into the unique early motion pictures from a past century for today’s audiences to enjoy & marvel at such wonderful entertainment. 2 hours of pure magic.